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    1. Grants to fake startups wont build Silicon Valley North. They will only spawn Bombardier-like boondoggles
      Fri Jan 19 06:41:53 2018
      Diane Francis: Basically every agency, province and city now has government funded accelerators or incubators doing fake stuff, according to a Canadian investor based in Silicon Valley[...]
    2. CCP Anniversary Contest: 355 in Cash and Prizes to be Won
      Mon Jan 1 03:09:05 2007
      Centrerion Canadian Politics CCP turned one a little earlier this month, and I didnt really celebrate in any particular way. So on the occasion of the blogs anniversary, I thought I would sponsor a contest with cash and prizes for the winners. A[...]

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    2. Outrage Grows In Canada over Fox News Comments
    3. 2010 Olympics Won By Canada
    4. 2010 Canadian Budget

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