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    1. Dont lose any sleep over the Republicans deep tax cuts Canadians will still be better off than Americans
      Mon Dec 4 08:45:57 2017
      The myth is that Canadians pay dramatically higher taxes, but thats not exactly true if you consider benefits received. Consider healthcare[...]
    2. Panama Papers raise awareness on tax avoidance being a moral issue that Canada should tackle
      Fri Apr 8 12:36:46 2016
      Canada should legislate full transparency and public disclosure as the U.S. is proposing to do with real estate and shell companies: Diane Francis[...]
    3. Tasha Kheiriddin: Regis and Kelly meet the taxpayers of Green Gables
      Thu May 20 10:00:00 2010
      I must confess I dont watch morning television.  Mornings are spent either working, chasing my toddler around the house, or a crazy combination of both.  But even if I had the time, the appeal of watching lifestyle shows like Live! Wi[...]

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