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    1. Diane Francis: Ottawa is letting petty politics sabotage the nations only engine of economic growth and job creation
      Fri Jan 29 14:38:12 2016
      The issue of getting Canadas oil to market is no trifling matter and Ottawa has the power to stop the provincial protectionism thats putting it at risk [...]
    2. No nation is safe in the politics of oil including Canada
      Fri Mar 27 15:45:08 2015
      The global community has more unsafe neighborhoods than gated ones and no nation is safe anymore, including Canada. This means that nation-state models are challenged and must recalibrate all the time[...]
    3. Rae targets Conservatives, blasts Hudaks Tea Party politics
      Wed Aug 31 13:23:36 2011
      Rae said he wouldnt back away from any fight with Harper, Flaherty, Hudak, Baird and all of the horses from the apocalypse[...]

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