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    1. Ontario governments reckless spending would win gold in race to the bottom
      Wed Jul 22 19:00:19 2015
      It is fitting that during the the Pan Am Games, Standard &38; Poors downgraded Ontarios government, which has been running backward for years [...]
    2. Ontario Tories and Liberals are basically exactly the same
      Thu Sep 22 09:39:00 2011
      Scott Stinson: So, where are the fundamental differences in the parties on the ministries that spend almost seven out of every 10 program dollars? There arent any[...]
    3. Did Ontario Tories use stand-ins for photo-op?
      Thu Sep 15 13:06:32 2011
      Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak spent Thursday defending himself against allegations his campaign staged a press conference with stand-ins for a concerned parent group to support his promise to make the provinces sex offender registry public[...]
    4. John Ivison: Ontario NDPs fresh face masks a real threat
      Wed Sep 14 20:16:36 2011
      One wonders how much of this economic illiteracy Andrea Horwath would demand as the price for the partys support if the Liberals won a minority government or implement if she becomes premier[...]
    5. Federal politicians wading into Ontario election campaign
      Tue Sep 13 16:34:09 2011
      While its not unusual for provincial candidates to get an endorsement from their local sitting MP, its rare to see federal ministers making such visible forays into an Ontario election, said York Universitys Robert Drummond[...]
    6. Ontario Liberals, Tories separated by just one point: poll
      Mon Sep 12 17:12:19 2011
      Dalton McGuintys Liberal party is gaining momentum in the election campaign and now leads the Conservatives by a paper-thin margin, according to a new poll[...]
    7. Ontario Liberal campaign events off limits to other parties
      Tue Sep 6 14:32:46 2011
      Ontarios provincial election campaign is beginning on a confrontational note, as the governing Liberals have informed opposition parties they wouldnt be allowed into Grit events[...]
    8. Ontarios Liberals offer renovation credit for seniors
      Sun Sep 4 20:48:08 2011
      Ontarios Liberals promise to pay for as much as 1,500 a year in renovations to help seniors stay at home, the party said Sunday[...]
    9. Ontario Liberals close in on Hudaks Conservatives: poll
      Thu Sep 1 06:23:08 2011
      With election day only five weeks away the two leaders are neck and neck, according to a new poll by Toronto-based polling firm Forum Research[...]

    1. Canadians Say They Did Not Vote for a Separatists Coalition
    2. Ontario Provincial Harmonized Sales Tax Debate

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