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    1. Why theres nothing to like about Facebooks ethically-challenged, troublesome business model
      Fri Sep 22 13:40:43 2017
      Diane Francis: Its obvious that the U.S. and Canada should follow the European example of curbing Facebooks bad practices and protect the privacy of their citizens [...]
    2. Diane Francis: Pipeline deals good news in a bleak industry too bad they are in another country
      Fri Sep 9 14:54:07 2016
      If you cant build pipelines at home, then buy them elsewhere. That is exactly what Canadas two pipeline giants have done[...]
    3. Odds favour another Democrat win in U.S. election, meaning Canada will continue to feel the love
      Fri Mar 11 12:42:08 2016
      Diane Francis: A Democrat in the White House would be good news all around. To my way of thinking, America needs a little more socialism, and Canada needs a little less[...]
    4. Speaking of sinking ships it looks like another rat is fleeing the SS Dion
      Wed Apr 11 14:39:58 2007
      Proving once again the perpetual revolving door between corporate Canada and the two business parties is still alive and well, Belinda has jumped ship back to daddys company. Oh well I guess another stint in opposition at that pay provided nei[...]

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