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    1. The rise and fall of Michael Ignatieff
      Fri Sep 16 11:58:35 2011
      Jordan Michael Smith: When Michael Ignatieff resigned as Liberal leader on May 3, members of his team were seen at the back of the room in tears. They were grieving not just for their party but even more for the death of a dream[...]
    2. John Ivison: The pressure is on Ignatieff to stop Liberal freefall
      Thu May 20 16:38:00 2010
      If Michael Ignatieff was wondering why a new poll has the Liberal Party back in Stphane Dion territory, he just had to peruse the newspapers. While Stephen Harper was pictured jamming with Canadian rocker Bryan Adams, the Liberal leader was turn[...]
    3. Michael Ignatieff
      Wed Nov 29 04:36:07 2006
      Cross-posted at Clear Grit Hailed just last year as possibly the next Pierre Trudeau, it has been quite the year for Michael Ignatieff. In its span, he has gone from being an acclaimed international academic, to a Member of the Canadian House o[...]

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