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    1. Diane Francis: Why Stephen Harpers opponents are critics, not contenders
      Fri Jul 31 14:13:13 2015
      Diane Francis: The Oct. 19 election is Prime Minister Stephen Harpers to lose, but he wont for a number of reasons[...]
    2. Kelly McParland: Will Harper finally raise the curtain on the secret agenda?
      Mon Sep 19 10:42:46 2011
      After five long years of waiting, Stephen Harper finally has the moment weve been waiting for, the one where he whips out the file with the Top Secret stamp and reveals to the world his Hidden Agenda[...]
    3. Harper: Part of U.S. jobs bill protectionist, regrettable
      Fri Sep 16 15:44:14 2011
      Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the Buy American provisions in U.S. President Barack Obamas jobs bill are regrettable, and something the Canadian government will be taking up with its U.S. counterpart[...]
    4. Economy still top priority, Harper tells Tory caucus
      Thu Sep 8 17:37:24 2011
      In his speech to caucus, Mr. Harper made no specific reference to the controversial crime legislation that is forthcoming, apart from saying the government will move on other key priorities outlined in the throne speech[...]
    5. Timeline: Laureen Harper wants you to adopt a cat
      Thu Sep 8 06:58:50 2011
      A well-known cat lover, Laureen Harper, wife of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was in St. Catharines, Ont., Wednesday for the opening of a spay and neuter clinic. The Posts Adrian Humphreys was there[...]
    6. Harper will appease Quebec on seat distribution, Rae predicts
      Tue Sep 6 20:48:51 2011
      Prime Minister Stephen Harper, often denounced by foes as a firewall-building force of division, is in fact firmly committed to Canadas national unity, interim Liberal leader Bob Rae said Tuesday[...]
    7. To Harper go the spoils of Libyan victory
      Thu Sep 1 11:09:36 2011
      Kelly McParland: Until a month ago, you could have predicted with near certainty that one of the early items of conflict in the new Parliament would be Canadas military involvement in Libya[...]
    8. Stephen Harper on the road to pop stardom
      Thu May 20 14:22:00 2010
        I can&39;t really get upset at Stephen Harper doing the dopey Abbey Road walk while in London with the family. It&39;s about as cliched as you can get, but check the look on the face of his son, Ben. If the prime minister is willing[...]

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