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    1. Dont lose any sleep over the Republicans deep tax cuts Canadians will still be better off than Americans
      Mon Dec 4 08:45:57 2017
      The myth is that Canadians pay dramatically higher taxes, but thats not exactly true if you consider benefits received. Consider healthcare[...]
    2. All Canadians are paying the price for conceal estate in Toronto and Vancouver
      Fri Feb 26 14:06:48 2016
      Diane Francis: Vancouver and Toronto have become hot money havens and anyone who owns or rents property in these cities pays a penalty call it a Kleptocrat Tax [...]
    3. Reality television at its best: The U.S. Presidential Primary Season and theres some Canadian content, too
      Sat Apr 11 10:54:55 2015
      Diane Francis: In todays political theater, scandals and gaffes ruin chances overnight and catapult also-rans to the top[...]
    4. Portion of Obamas jobs plan concerns Canadian government
      Wed Sep 14 12:13:00 2011
      The Canadian government has concerns about the recently announced jobs-creation plan by U.S. President Barack Obama because of Buy American provisions attached to its infrastructure spending[...]
    5. A Modest Proposal for Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan
      Wed May 2 18:40:12 2007
      So Canadian soldiers are angry that the torture of detainees is overshadowing all the good they are doing over there. We would be too. Torture is like that. Here is modest proposal: if you are upset at handing over detainees that may be tortured, s[...]
    6. Canadian National Security and Immigration
      Fri Apr 6 14:36:25 2007
      Irwin Cotlers approach to Canadian national security and immigration is expressed beautifully in a news release on his site. In the debate over two clauses of the Anti-Terrorism Act, Cotler kept a cool head and showed that the security and human ri[...]

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