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    1. Foreigners are banned from buying property in New Zealand Canada should do the same
      Fri Jan 5 14:10:39 2018
      Diane Francis: Canada must close loopholes, end secrecy, and ban foreign ownership of real estate[...]
    2. When it comes to NAFTA, Canada should say adios to Mexico
      Fri Dec 29 09:51:46 2017
      Diane Francis: Canada has benefited the least from the trilateral arrangement and Mexico the most[...]
    3. The three NAFTA amigos may be drifting apart but Canada-U.S. bromance will endure
      Fri Oct 20 11:51:06 2017
      Diane Francis: Indications are that the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement will be enhanced and a separate, asymmetrical trade arrangement with Mexico will occur[...]
    4. Diane Francis: Energy Easts demise is Canadas Peak Oil Divide moment
      Fri Oct 6 18:03:45 2017
      Canada should be doubling down on its resource potential in order to afford the transition to a fossil free future a generation or two from now[...]
    5. Prosperous, classy and cold: Why Canada is the Scandinavia of the Western Hemisphere
      Fri Jun 30 10:35:50 2017
      Diane Francis: As Americans flail and filibuster, Canadians quietly and efficiently get on with life [...]
    6. Diane Francis: Why Canada should phase out its protectionist dairy system
      Fri Apr 21 14:56:54 2017
      For Canada, the most important overall anti-trade policy in the U.S. is Buy America and this must be on the table, too [...]
    7. Diane Francis: Why Rex Tillerson will be a friend to Canada, but not necessarily to Russia
      Fri Dec 16 15:23:10 2016
      There should be celebration north of the border, because Tillerson admires and understands Canada, and has continued to support pioneer innovations in our oil industry [...]
    8. In a post-Brexit world, Canada needs the U.S. more than ever
      Thu Jun 30 13:55:25 2016
      Diane Francis: Canada, out of the direct line of fire, must still heed the signs and prepare for a reconstituted NAFTA no matter what[...]
    9. Panama Papers raise awareness on tax avoidance being a moral issue that Canada should tackle
      Fri Apr 8 12:36:46 2016
      Canada should legislate full transparency and public disclosure as the U.S. is proposing to do with real estate and shell companies: Diane Francis[...]
    10. Odds favour another Democrat win in U.S. election, meaning Canada will continue to feel the love
      Fri Mar 11 12:42:08 2016
      Diane Francis: A Democrat in the White House would be good news all around. To my way of thinking, America needs a little more socialism, and Canada needs a little less[...]

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